How We Teach
Elementary Level
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How We Teach: Elementary Level

EF, postive discipline and growth mindset

Tubtong’s EF, POSITIVE DISCIPLINE, AND A GROWTH MINDSET instruction is designed to enhance the curriculum to be as effective as possible. We therefore aim to build strong Executive Functions of the Brain (EF) and a Growth Mindset in our students by using positive discipline. According to the nature of brain development, early childhood is the most important age for brain skills development. EF development at the preschool level focuses on organizing practical experiences for students through various activities in order to enhance EF skills. Dr. Panadda Thanasethakorn has explained that EF is a thinking process (brain process) that processes past experiences and current situations to assess, analyze, decide, plan, initiate, self-examine, and solve problems, as well as control emotions, manage time, prioritize, self-direct, and encourage commitment until the intended goal is achieved. Therefore, we encourage all teachers to use positive language with students by applying the principle of positive discipline invented by Dr. Katherine Kersey, from the United States. Parents will be trained in this principle as well. As such, Tubtong’s students will be educated both at home and at school under the concept of a Growth Mindset, to achieve the goal of EF brain skills.

Global citizenship

Global Citizenship is one of the key qualities of people in the 21st century, as discussed by the World Economic Forum. Global citizens must know their roles and duties in this world. Good global citizens should undertake active roles in their communities, work with others for peace and sustainability, and increase opportunities for those who are less fortunate. Therefore, at the preschool level, Tubtong School has adopted the concept of urban farming to optimize learning experiences in its the early childhood curriculum. This serves as the basis for building the foundation for teamwork and environmental awareness. Students will thus be trained in the appropriate use of technology.

Lifelong learner

Since technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, causing many changes in the world, being a Lifelong Learner is an important quality to instill in children, even from the preschool level. The Tubtong School experience emphasizes allowing students to explore, search, and learn in order to develop EF – especially for self-direction and goal setting skills. These are the key foundations to being a lifelong learner. Students will be ready to manage and adapt according to any changes that occur in the future.


The Early Childhood Education Curriculum of the Year 2017

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