“Warm, Safe, Brilliant, and Virtuous”

From generation to generation

This has been Tubtong School’s motto since our start in 1971. Since then when we operated only at the preschool level, we remain committed to our school being a warm place, like a second home for our students, a safe space for learning and developing their humanity, along with virtue. This remained true until 1985 when we expanded to the elementary level and is still true now.

Tubtong School’s development continues according to the pace of changes in the economy and society. No matter the journey, Tubtong School will always be a Warm, Safe, Brilliant, Virtuous home for Tubtong students.

Tubtong's DNA

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Each student from Tubtong is highly proficient and ready to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.

Tubtong students know who they are and respect society and others by being able to control their emotions. Tubtong’s students can think, work, learn, solve problems, coexist with others, and find happiness in life. Tubtong’s students are global citizens.

  1. Morality
  2. Life Long Learner
  3. Make The Best Decision
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Environmental Responsibility

Philosophy of Excellence

Philosophy of Excellence

Physical and mental balance, as well as emotional and physical intelligence (Physicals Holistic Well Being).

Self-awareness, aptitude, and self-value.

Develop a unique personality and strong identity in each student.

Creating clear goals and effective approaches to achieve them.

High Quality Teachers

High Quality Teachers

Learner: Always up to date on new knowledge.
Example: Be good role models.
Attempt: Determined to build and improve students.
Creativity: Be creative to construct up-to-date instruction.
Professional: Be professional in all aspects.
Human Relation: Have empathy for students, colleagues, and parents.
Personality: Have an appropriate personality.
Good Listener: Be good listeners.